Thursday, August 13, 2009


One of the two daily Speedbirds taking off on RY28L for London's Heathrow Airport.

On a rainy day in February. The rainshowers have just ended and as the front passes the winds are turning from Southeast to South and then on to Southwest. For a brief period of time even the heavy 747s are departing RY19R. Nippon Cargo is pretty light for a short flight to LAX. A runway change is already in progress as Skywest holds short of RY19R on their way to RY28L. The Brasilia pilots get a front row seat for a thrilling view of NCA's takeoff...

The last 19R departure is Japan Air Cargo also going to LAX.

Shoreline One Departure.
One of the most awesome sights at SFO is a 747 flying the Shoreline Departure!
Especially when they start the turn as soon as possible...

Ferry flight to LAX.
United needed a 747 down in LAX and they had an extra one up here at SFO. This 747-400 took off from RY28L with only the two pilots and a very light load of fuel on board. They used less runway for takeoff than a twin Cessna would!

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