Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New United colors

Continental and United are in the process of merging into the new United Airlines and their planes are being repainted in the new colors.

747-400 in the new colors.
A couple of the old colors are parked at the SuperBay in the background.

A Continental B737-800 repainted in United colors.
United never had any 800's so you know that this one came from Continental.

A B757 on Twy B passes an A319 waiting for a flow time to LAX. Both Continental and United have B757's, so you have to look at the "N" numbers to find out their origin.
Notice the N numbers end in "UA" These are both United aircraft repainted in the New United colors. In the background is an old colors B757 taking off.

Newly renovated Terminal 2 is ready for opening on April 14.